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Plenary Sessions


Cavin Harper – Thursday Evening Session 

WHEN GOOD IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Good to Gospel Grandparenting

How ought the Gospel to shape how grandparents live out their roles? We’ll examine seven marks that distinguish gospel grandparenting from ‘good’ grandparenting. 

Mark Adcock – Friday Morning Session 

How Your Lives Matters

In this session, we will look at the ways that ungodly decisions by one generation can negatively affect future generations and how the righteousness of one generation can change a family tree. In Genesis 4 we see Cain make some decisions that brought devastation upon generation after generation of those who came after him. This is a call to model faith for the sake of your grandchildren. It is a powerful look at legacy and how you can pave the way for generations to come. 

Josh Mulvihill – Friday Evening Session 

Understanding the Biblical Role of Grandparents

Understanding the Biblical Role of Grandparents. What is the biblical role of a grandparent? Can you summarize this in a sentence or even a word? Every grandparent is given a God-ordained role that is not interchangeable with any other member of the family. Learn to recognize and reject the cultural messages about grandparenting, gain a laser-like focus on God's design for grandparent’s, a compelling vision to impact future generations with the gospel, and practical methods to disciple your grandchildren.

Larry McCall – Saturday Morning Session

Inspiring the Next Generations to Live for Christ

"Inspiring the Next Generations to Live for Christ": What will our kids and grandkids remember us for? Hopefully, they'll remember at least some of what we say. But what they'll really remember is what we're passionate about. How can we live passionately for Christ in way the inspires the coming generations to follow us in that glorious pursuit? We'll hear the words of a dying "father" calling his son to follow Christ, no matter what it might cost him.