Cavin Harper


There is a growing reality among grandparents today that does not fit into our typical expectations of grandparenting. That reality—raising our own grandchildren. Whether the result of family tragedy that leaves our grandchildren without a parent, courts terminating parental rights because of substance addictions or criminal activity, or some sad flaw in a parent’s ability to care for a child, the outcomes are similar. You are faced with something you never planned for—a product of sin that disrupts God’s best plan for parenting. How do you make the most of this new opportunity to impact a child(ren) you love and want to protect? We’ll examine several key biblical principles that will encourage you and equip you to rest in God’s provision and protection.


Words do matter, whether for cursing or blessing. Since the start of human history, the spoken blessing has played a significant role in the lives of Gods people. Learn how to use this powerful tool God has given us to communicate value and purpose in our families today. This session explores what the Bible says about the impact of the spoken blessing and why it is important too have in your grandparent toolbox. Learn how to use this tool God created to unleash His power to transform lives and bless your own family.   

Sherry Schumann

Sharing the Jesus Within Us

Do you fret about the what, when, where and how to share your legacy of faith? In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore interesting and fun ways to share the “Jesus within” you. We’ll discuss ideas for sharing the Gospel message, our salvation stories, stories of answered prayer, life’s lessons and family heritage.

How Do We Shepherd Our Grandchildren?

Join us as we journey through the twenty-third Psalm. We’ll gain insight about the intimate relationship between a shepherd and his sheep. We’ll discover that a good shepherd leads and guides, protects and provides. We’ll draw deeper into our own relationship with the Good Shepherd and discover lessons, we can apply to shepherding our grandchildren. 

Debbie Haddix

Soul Care for Grandparents – Caring for the Deepest Part of Us

What is the soul? We are familiar with the word. We hear it in songs and Psalms and sermons and books, but if asked, can we explain it? Come to this session to gain insight into the soul and its deep needs and to discover some practical ideas for meeting those needs. Intentional soul care is a must.  Not only is it essential to our own well-being, it is crucial for the work to which we have been called. 

Praying in Color for Your Grandchildren Workshop

Do you struggle in your role as a prayer champion for your grandchildren? Prayer is one of the greatest long-lasting gifts we can give to our grandchildren, yet even knowing this, many of us face daily struggles in this role – finding time to pray, falling into ruts and routine, knowing what to pray, and more. In this interactive workshop, Deborah Haddix will introduce you to an engaging method of prayer that helps vanquish these obstacles and is sure to become a staple in your prayer toolbox.

Josh Mulivhill

Discipling Grandchildren: 8 Biblical Practices Every Grandparent Can Use. Do you want to help your grandchildren grow in their walk with the Lord? The eight practices presented in this seminar are a synthesis of Josh’s Ph.D research regarding the best practices that grandparents from across the country utilize to help grandchildren grow in spiritual maturity. You will walk away with practical tools and specific ways that you can invest in the spiritual growth of grandchildren.

How to Help Your Grandchild Develop a Biblical Worldview. Learn why worldview matters and how to help your grandchild develop a biblical worldview by teaching four foundational biblical truths. Participants will learn to identify strong cultural messages that threaten to distort and destroy faith in Christ. This seminar will help you gain confidence and equip you to have intentional conversations so that your grandchildren develop deep, lasting, and culture transforming faith. 

Chuck Stecker 

Creating a Safe Place for the Tough “God Questions”

One of the most important roles a grandparent can fill is that of the facilitator. As a facilitator, Grandparents are in a unique position to create a “safe place” for grandkids to ask their tough “God Questions.”  This may require Grandparents to learn some new skills and gain new understandings of what creates a “safe place” and how to listen differently. The goal of creating a safe place is to assist our grandchildren in finding their own personal faith.

Spiritual Grandparenting: Influencing Grandchildren Besides Your Own

The opportunity for impact of grandparents extends far beyond their own grandchildren. We live in a time where many young boys and girls do not have grandparents close to where they live. If we believe our role as a grandparent is important to God, we must seize the opportunity to Spiritually Grandparent the friends of our grandkids and often young boys and girls in our church and communities.

Sarah Willey Groleau   

Your Legacy: What are You Passing Along? 

In Proverbs 13:22, King Solomon wrote: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” A grandchild’s inheritance, which is the grandparent’s legacy, was important enough for the wisest man in the world to mention. But what do these words mean for you and me? This event will address many common questions surrounding legacy planning and help attendees identify the ways they can support their families, churches and passions.  We will cover estate planning strategies designed to help people harness their generosity even after they are gone. After all, what we pass along to them might have an impact not only in their lives but also the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Glenn Havumki


Grandparents of the Bible Have a Message for Today: Lessons and Blessings

The session will consider just four lives: Jacob, Naomi, Noah, and Lois who have a message for grandparents: some positive lessons, and yes, some negative lessons too. In order to understand this better, we will gain some insight from Elmer and Ruth Towns book, Great Lessons and Grand Blessings.  "Witness how Jacob gave his testimony to his grandsons; how Naomi faltered as a parent, but was given a second chance with her grandchild; how Noah's sins affected his offspring's children; and how Lois motivated her grandson, Timothy, to greatness by speaking the Word of God into his life." We can offer our grandchildren something invaluable: the gift of influencing them for Christ.  Let these lives speak today!"

Toby Quirk  

If You Passed The Baton, Take It Back From a book of that same title, this workshop energizes grandparents to continue serving our Lord with all the gifts that God has given them. Conventional wisdom urges seniors to step away from a life of service, but that is not what Godly wisdom teaches us. Folks in their grand parenting years have unique and powerful gifts that the church and the world desperately need in today’s chaotic culture. This workshop will encourage participants to enjoy the power of the Spirit in their service to their King. 

The Secret to Successful Connections to the Grandkids

 This workshop will uncover the Biblical secret to staying engaged to your grandchildren. Many of us grandparents may feel as if there is an insurmountable wall between us and the grandkids, but there are ways to open the gate in that wall, and Christian believers have all the tools to do just that. We will look at the changes that children go through from infant to adult, and how each stage of life presents different opportunities for grandparents to breath into their lives. 

Sharon Gamble  

Fruitful Living – Sharon takes grandmothers on a journey through the “fruit of the Spirit” and shares how God works through His Spirit in our lives as we love, serve, and bless our grandchildren and their parents.

When You Hardly Ever See Them– This workshop is for the grandmother who does not see her grands often. This could be because they live far away, or because there have been relationship difficulties. How do you love your grandchildren from a distance? This practical workshop will help answer that question using scriptures that encourage and strengthen.

Willie Batson

Finishing Strong in Marriage 

 What difference would it make if we lived out our marriages daily with the goal of getting to the end of our lives and marriages and being able to say: I have kept the promises I made at the altar, I have fought the good fight for my marriage, and I have finished the race with no regrets. What difference would it make if couples had this mindset in their marriages?

Communication: The Lifeblood of Lasting Relationships

 Most of the communication issues we face in our marriages are not matters of life or death. But communication can mean life or death for the relationship itself. Good communication is the lifeblood of healthy marriages, and without it, relationships cannot thrive. In this session we cover three levels of communication, three personal qualities for better communication, and three skills to improve communication.