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Becoming Intentional Praying Grandparents

We are in a spiritual battle for the hearts, souls and minds of our children and grandchildren. The enemy is using media, technology, education, social influences and political pressures to launch an aggressive attack on the family unit. Join us, Sherry Schumann and Lillian Penner, as we examine the greatest weapon in our arsenal, namely prayer. We’ll discuss the importance of becoming intentional praying grandparents and ways to enrich our prayer lives. From G@P (Grandparent at Prayer) groups to photo prayer journals, prayers based on Scripture to alphabet prayers, we’ll discover tools that work for you and benefit your grandchildren.

Keeping Papa and Gramma's Marriage Strong

The life-long marriage of grandparents has a consequential value; to teach grandchildren a positive or negative view of marriage.  Unfortunately, many second half marriages are failing at an alarming rate. According to data from the National Center for Health Statistics in 2015, the divorce rate for those over 50 years old has doubled since 1990, and among those aged 65 and older...the divorce rate has roughly tripled.   As Matriarch and Patriarch of the family, it is important to demonstrate a strong, growing, faithful, lifelong marriage that demonstrates to our adult children and grandchildren what a good and Godly marriage looks like.  Drawing upon the national survey of hundreds of "Second Half" couples, Glenn will look at the work of Claudia and David Arp and their suggestion of eight marital challenges that every long-term marriage faces.  Willie will conclude the workshop with Tools for Building a Stronger Marriage Together.   As grandparents we want our marriage to have a huge impact on how our family views marriage; and leave a legacy that instructs the next generation for marriage. 

Gaining the Heart of Our Grandchildren

We will influence our grandchildren emotionally or spiritually if we do have their hearts. In his book, Never Too Late, Rob Rienow offers 4 indispensable biblical principles for drawing wayward or rebellious children back to Christ or to Christ for the first time. These principles apply to every relationship, including with our grandchildren. Whether we have a good relationship with our grandchildren or an alienated relationship we must do three things before we can effectively point our grandchildren to Christ. We must offer our own hearts to God, turn our hearts to our grandchildren, and draw their hearts to us. Then we are in our best position to influence them spiritual. This session will present these 4 principles and highlight how we can gain the heart of our grandchildren.

Seven Keys for Grandparents Making a Difference

A Practical Approach to Intentional Grandparenting

Do you struggle in your role as a grandparent? With 80 million grandparents in the United States, you are not alone.  Our culture tells us to “step aside”. The Bible speaks differently. Based on God’s vision for grandparents, Catherine presents “The Seven Keys”. These keys are seven practical steps for intentional grandparenting that equip you to impact the lives of your loved ones. It is grandparenting that makes a difference.

Developing an Older Adult Ministry in your Church 

Traditional senior ministries tend to be limited to a weekday Bible, visitation, and fellowships. Few churches recognize the tremendous potential and resource of their seniors for the ministry of the church and the Great Commission. In this session, Wayne Johnson, Pastor for Chapel Sages and Spiritual Formation at the Bible Chapel, will discuss vision, purpose, and strategies for equipping older adults to make their best contribution to Kingdom work including, but not limited to, leaving a legacy with our grandchildren. Time will be given for the exchange of ideas and practices.

Chronic Illness in marriages 

The stress of a chronic illness can be challenging to a marriage, even when two people have been deeply in love for decades. Just knowing that they will live their entire lives (except for a healing miracle) having to cope with the ravages of a disease – such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, lupus, heart disease, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a host of others – is an enormous burden to carry. They constantly deal with questions like these:

  • How do I juggle my needs with the needs of my chronically ill spouse?
  • How can I fight feelings of inadequacy and guilt?
  • Am I a burden to my spouse?
  • How do I keep it together for my spouse who has a chronic illness?
  • What do I do when I find myself thinking, “This is more than I bargained for?”

Stepping up our Prayer Life

It's time we as Christian grandparents step up our prayers lives, so we can be effective prayer warriors interceding on behalf of our grandchildren. Join Sherry Schumann as she examines Scripture for truths, which will strengthen our prayer life. Topics include Sitting in His Presence, Guidance from the Holy Spirit, Persistence in Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving, Expecting Miracles, Hindrances to Prayer, Passing our Spiritual Inheritances and Transformation Through Prayer.

IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? Pursuing Healthy Relationships - Mending Broken Relationships

In a culture crowded with smart phones, computers and heavy schedules; relationships are diminished. Yet it is through relationships that values, such as faith, are passed. This workshop looks at the conditions of a healthy relationship and then offers several practical suggestions to enable grandparents to pursue healthy relationships. However, living in such a tumultuous world, many grandparents have broken relationships with either their grown children or grandchildren. Learn three concrete steps helpful in resolving issues and mending broken relationships with loved ones. 

Why Does My Grandchild Need the Gospel?

It's so easy for us grandparents to think, “I’ve got wonderful grandkids. They’re good kids. As long as we can keep them away from drugs, premarital sex, and other bad influences, they’ll be just fine.” But, God's Word teaches us that our grandchildren’s problems are not merely external. They’re internal. Our grandchildren need more than protection from bad influences. They need new hearts! Like us, they were born sinners in need of Savior. In this workshop we will discuss why our grandchildren need the gospel, and we'll talk about how to talk to them about their need for Christ.

It Wasn’t Supposed to Happen Like This

Who could have known that the anticipation of becoming a grandparent could suddenly turn into a life-changing responsibility to be the parent to your grandchild(ren)? The crushing realities of raising your own grandchildren can leave you isolated, exhausted, and wrestling with feelings of shame. Is there any hope? There is, and that’s what this workshop will offer you. Whether you are raising your grandchildren full time or part time, this workshop is for you.

Prayer Modeling Workshop Description 

One of the greatest investments a grandparent can make into the life of their grandchild is prayer. Yet being an effective prayer champion can be a struggle. What do we pray, specifically? How do we become consistent in our prayers? Join Deborah Haddix (Co-coordinator of Grandparents’ Day of Prayer, Christian Grandparenting Network) and Sherry Schumann (Co-director of the Prayer Ministry, Christian Grandparenting Network) as they model strategies, techniques, and tools to help you pray more effectively for your grandchildren.

A JOURNEY OF FORGIVENESS - The Backbone of Godly Grandparenting

Many grandparents long to impact the hearts of their loved ones. However, life happens. Often, we encounter barriers when relating to our children and grandchildren. Catherine shares a personal story of learning to forgive in challenging and hurtful situations. This workshop, based on Matthew 6:12, delves into Jesus’ poignant words of forgiving others. When we follow this teaching, we are set free to become the powerful grandparents He called us to be.

Creative Ways to Teach Scripture to Your Grandchildren

This conference teaches exciting and creative ways to help teach God's Word to your grandchildren. In this session, Mark and Angela Adcock will share how they are helping their grandchildren memorize Scripture using all types of methods including music, crafts, games, life verses and object lessons. Each of our 5 grandchildren has a life verse. We have delighted in helping all five of our grandchildren memorize, not only their life verse, but also the life verses of their siblings and cousins. When the Psalmist wrote, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you," he was calling us to commit the Word of God to memory. This is a powerful tool to bring godly change to the hearts of your grandchildren.

Unleash the Power of Spoken Blessing

Words have power for blessing or cursing. Since the start of human history, the spoken blessing has played a significant role in the lives of Gods people. Is it possible that the spoken blessing could play an important role for communicating value in our families today? This session explores what the Bible says about this powerful tool and how grandparents can unleash the power of spoken blessing in their families.

Characteristics of a Disciple-Making Grandparent

The message will be from 2 Timothy 3 and focus on doctrine/apologetics training, an intergenerational strategy, and a commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture.


Caring for the Deepest Part of Us

What is the soul? 

We are familiar with the word. We hear it in songs and Psalms and sermons and books, but can we explain it? Come to this session to gain insight into the soul and its deep needs and to discover some practical ideas for meeting those needs. Intentional soul care is a must. Not only is it essential to our own well-being, it is crucial for the work to which we have been called. Passing on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren requires a healthy, tended soul 


Intentional Retirement: Contentment Through Planning!

Retirement is so important – everyone talks about it. A popular Christian radio host says we should save for it before funding our kids' college education, numerous advertisements and commercials entice us with the picture-perfect version of it, people spend countless hours planning and worrying about it, and every four years politicians try to scare the wits out of us by telling us just how bad “my worthy opponent” is going to mess yours up. What does retirement mean to you? That is, what is it that you want and expect in retirement? Do you plan to travel? Pursue a hobby? Volunteer your time, or start a new career or business? Support your children or grandchildren throughout your retirement? During this engaging workshop, you will learn to use three buckets to achieve your retirement income goals. If there is one thing we all possess, is the freedom to change our minds. What you did yesterday is not what you must do tomorrow. The course you set in your 20s is not your destiny in your 40s. Embrace that thought, to help you determine right now that you'll do whatever you must to get on track with your own personal retirement planning.


Pricilla and Aquilla – A model of insight, wisdom and planning.

It has been well documented that retirement confidence among women lags that of men. A survey conducted in 2017 revealed that 92 percent of women of all ages do not feel educated enough to reach their retirement savings goals. knowledge and desire, certainly not because they lack intelligence and ability. You don’t have to sit back hoping and praying that you’re not part of the 92 percent. And you are not doomed because some statistic says the poverty rate of women sixty-five and older is nearly two times higher than that of men. God has given us free will and a strong mind. But when it comes to saving for retirement and planning for retirement income, women face several unique challenges:

· Because of their longer life expectancies, women should also consider that they may spend some of their retirement years living on their own.

· Women often interrupt their careers to care for children and aging parents.

· Because of these career interruptions, women may spend less time in the workforce and earn less money than men in the same age group, which could result in saving less for retirement and having a lower Social Security benefit. 

During this unique workshop come hear practical solutions specifically for women who are near or in their retirement years.


Developing an Older Adult Ministry in your Church 

Traditional senior ministries tend to be limited to a weekday Bible, visitation, and fellowships. Few churches recognize the tremendous potential and resource of their seniors for the ministry of the church and the Great Commission. In this session, Wayne Johnson, Pastor for Chapel Sages and Spiritual Formation at the Bible Chapel, will discuss vision, purpose, and strategies for equipping older adults to make their best contribution to Kingdom work including, but not limited to, leaving a legacy with our grandchildren. Time will be given for the exchange of ideas and practices.